Dorico Pro 3 Academico missing

The program prompts me Academico fonts are missing. Is this because it’s looking in the wrong library? I’m on a Mac. There’s a root library and a user library… has the installation destiny for Dorico 3 been changed?

What weight of Academico is it telling you is missing? It might be that you need to go to the General page of Preferences and correct the ‘Default text font family’ setting, which is not being correctly migrated from Dorico 2 to Dorico 3 at the moment.

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Here’s a screenshot

There is no ‘light’ academico font installed on my system. I even think there never was such a thing. I don’t understand where this is coming from.
My preferred Default text font family is not Academico, it is Quicksand, and so it is given in the preferences settings.

No, there is no light version of Academico.
Even if it’s not your default font, it’s possible that Academico is used somewhere in your font/paragraph styles. If you hunt it down and correct it, the message should vanish.

I’ve been looking into this kind of problem over the last day or so because of this thread, and I now understand the problem. Paraphrasing something I wrote to another user in an email last night…

What’s going on is that the Missing Fonts dialog is complaining about the font/paragraph styles where they are inheriting from the ‘Default text font’ font style. The way those styles are actually stored inside the project is that a font name is stored there, but that’s not the font name that will actually be used, because that will get resolved by substituting the font name of the style identified as the parent. And, of course, this doesn’t apply only to the font name, but to the style name and to any other aspect of the style where the little slide switch is deactivated in the child style.

The Missing Fonts dialog wasn’t correctly resolving these inherited styles, so it was ending up using the font name that would then be overridden by the font name from the parent style, which is why you see things like ‘Academico’ when you know it should be a different font, with a ‘Light’ weight.

I’ll make sure this problem gets fixed in the next update, but in the meantime, if you look through the list of font styles in Engrave > Font Styles and find the one that uses the ‘Light’ style name, you should in fact find that it is already using the correct font anyway.

Having difficulties to understand it all (how have you written this down without being high?) :laughing: But the last paragraph I understood. Thank you!

Who’s to say Daniel wasn’t high? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear fellow Doricians,
I write in this thread because that problem is somewhat related to it, and I’m quite surprised to have that dialog when opening a file that has been created in DP3, which I now open in DP 3.0.10.
There’s no such thing as Figurato italic, so this is really weird…

Pressing OK opens the file correctly and everything seems to be at the right place… but I thought it was worth mentioning this.
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I encountered this as well. Just saving the file after specifying the regular Figurato in this opening screen didn’t fix it. On reopening the project I got the same message again. But redefining the Lyric Translation Font Style explicitly as being non-italic, and then saving the file, fixed it. Apparently there was an invisible italic attribute in the style, that Dorico 2 didn’t care about (which, in itself, may have been a small bug that’s now history).

Same for me here, except I created the file in Dorico 3 and did not use lyrics translation font but plain lyrics (no singers involved here…)

Marc, that’s probably the problem. It may be that Lyrics Translation font (or similar) is set to depend on the regular Lyrics font, but with the style overridden from Regular to Italic.

You got it Leo. As Figurato was chosen to be the Lyrics font, it was also chosen for Chorus, translated Chorus, Translated lyrics, which all three had the Italics style chosen. That’s the problem of parent fonts that don’t have Italics style included. Once I turned down those three italics settings, the message would not appear again. Sorry for this disturbance, I learned something tonight :slight_smile:

That also explains why I only saw one entry in the Missing Fonts list, and Marc had three. Thanks, Leo and Marc, for enlightening.