Dorico Pro 3 - no playback, hangs

I have just installed Dorico Pro 3 and the sounds package that was shown in the installer. My system is a MacBook Pro 2017 with Mac OS 10.14.6 .

I opened it (Dorico Pro 3), and I started writing a new Flow- but I could’t hear any sound. The screen keyboard of the HalION player didn’t produce any sound output either. So I opened one of my projects from Dorico Pro 2, and unfortunately, there’s no playback, either, instead the program hangs with the beachball cursor spinning, after a while I close the the main window with the opt-cmd-escape program-to-close-picker. The HALION Sonic SE 3 window stays open but does not respond or produce sound…

I then tried different things like playing from the play mode window, re-assigning playback templates… No luck whatsoever. I just can’t get Dorico Pro 3 to play back anything.

Any ideas?


Attached Dorico Diagnostics file.
Dorico (285 KB)

And a spindump of the crashed application, and the player
Spindump halion (402 KB) (380 KB)

The spindumps I can only analyze when I’m back to the office on Monday.

On the other hand, looking at the log files, it does not look unusual.
I have a question, where do you expect sound to come out?
The last state was, that the driver was set to AirBeamTV, is that what you expect?

Also a little explanation. Dorico and it’s audio engine are running in separate processes.
You say that you force quit Dorico and that the HALion window was still open, i.e. the audio engine was still running.
Under this condition, it is highly unlikely that a new Dorcio instance will be able to connect to that still running audio engine,
so you’d need to go to Activity Monitor and also first kill the VSTAudioEngine process.
Then Dorico will also start a fress audio engine process.
So with the premise that no other audio engine is running and you then start Dorico,
is there no playback doing, not even the green playback line advancing?
What if you start a new project from piano template, add a handful of arbitrary notes, does that play back?


thank you for your reply.

You pointed me in the right direction. The output device was indeed configured to send to AirBeamTV, which is weird because I don’t have anything like that, nor am I even sure what that is.That setting was somehow activated during installation, because I have not set the audio output device to that. That’s also why I haven’t even suspected this to be the case.

Setting the driver to output via Built-in speakers, everything works as expected.

Thank you very much again for your help.


Do you have a neighbour that has one? I wonder if you’ve been scratching your head wondering why you’re not hearing anything, and meanwhile your neighbour is wondering why music keeps blaring out of their TV

Paul, About half the reviews on Amazon give the airbeam app one star and say it doesn’t work, so the neighbour might not have noticed any strange noises yet :slight_smile:

I guess somebody nearby hasn’t bothered to set a password on their wifi, so anybody can log in to it.

I have no idea why you had AirBeam TV as a possible option in the output devices. What I seem to have understood is that the behavior in Dorico is that, if the “normal” device — at home, it’s the Steinberg UR242 — is not available (typically when I am not at home), Dorico will choose the first item in the list, probably using alphabetical order. This results in some Apowersoft something (virtual) device being chosen (no sound out…) and I have to change it manually to built-in output device.
I think it would be more comfortable if we could decide which output will be chosen, when the “main” device is not accessible. My 2c on this topic.