Dorico Pro 3 no playback

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I can’t find the precise thread.

After upgrading to Dorico Pro 3 the files will not playback.
I have downloaded Daniel’s Dorico 3 zip to fix the Note Performer compatibility problem.
And I have changed the Preferences Play to Note Performer.

I can opt-P the playback head to any place but it will not play.
Opt-P to different paces a few times and Dorico crashes.

The Flows are showing an alert (see attached).
I have also attached a Diagnostic.

The problem now persists when opened in Dorico 2.

Mac Pro 10.13.06
Dorico (309 KB)
Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 9.48.19 am.png

That warning is related to video that’s linked to the project but can’t be located.
Are you sure you’ve correctly installed the NotePerformer fix, restarted Dorico and applied the Playback Template?

I have successfully reattached the video, removing the Flow alert (thanks pianoleo).
On first play the video audio played but the midi did not move.
Stopping and replaying crashed Dorico. So the other problems remain.

As for Note Performer fix: /Library/Application Support/Steinberg > Dorico 3 > PlaybackTemplateGenerators & PluginPresetLibraries
That seems to follow Daniel’s instructions.

Just to be sure: if you go into Play mode, and go Play > Playback Template,
a) does Noteperformer appear?
b) is it selected?

Pianoleo - yes, it is.

The problem is worse now.
Dorico often won’t open unless I reboot the computer.
When it is open it crashes after a short time (regardless of which key commands I am using).
And it will not play anything (except, strangely, the audio, but not the picture, of an attached video). Regardless it soon crashes.

Perhaps someone in a different timezone has a thought.

(New Diagnostic attached)
Dorico (324 KB)

It appears that this crash occurs if you run Dorico 2 when the v3 audio engine is running. Were you running Dorico 2 or Dorico 3 at the same time? If not, then the possible cause is that an errant Dorico or VSTAudioEngine process was running in the background, so ensure that there aren’t any existing processes have been killed prior to starting Dorico 3.

PaulWalmsley, it is quite possible that that was what created the problem; that when installing Dorico 3 (or opening it for the first time) I had Dorico 2 on.
However I have restarted the computer a number of times and only opened Dorico 3. But the problem persists - sometimes not opening at all until the computer is rebooted or at other time crashing after only a few key commands.

With a deadline looming this is becoming quite urgent.

I also had a look at your diagnostic reports, and I don’t know how to say, I’m very confused.

First of all, there is only one real crash report contained, and that is from the audio engine. That crash most likely comes from a case where, as Paul already explained, you had Dorico 2 running before. So that just happened once and is actually not a big problem. But you say that you have frequent crashes of Dorico and that playback is not doing at all.
Well, is it really crashing or is Dorico just hanging, i.e. not responding? From our developer point of view this makes a big difference.
From the logs I can see that Dorico sometimes was waiting for the connection to the audio engine and then the log just stopped. Did you force quit Dorico at those occasions?
When you run into that problem again, please check in the Activity Monitor if you can find a process called VSTAudioEngine in the process list.

Also, what happens when you create a new project from piano template (with HALion Sonic) and add a few arbitrary notes? Does that play back?
We need to find out if your problem is specific to a project or happens in any case.

We really try to help, but it’s going to get difficult and will take time.

This could be troubling - Dorico 2 and 3 have some shared components. We’d strongly advise against installing Dorico 3 while Dorico 2 was running because some of those components may not get installed correctly. I would suggest reinstalling Dorico 3 to ensure that all the components are correct.

As Ulf says, it’s important to distinguish between crashes (application disappears in a puff of smoke) and hangs (application stops responding) in order that we can work out what’s going on.

One other thing to check - open Edit > Device Setup and set the device and sample rate.


Same issue here, no playback. I downloaded Dorico Elements 3 for the first time, and the bar just will not move when play is pressed. Neither is there any sound when inputting notes. Following this and waiting for solutions with anticipation.

Sam Austin

Many thanks for your suggestions and insight. Much appreciated.

Eventually I reinstalled Dorico 3 and everything appears to be working well (including Note Performer); however I won’t be able to give it a proper workout for a couple more days.

In the meantime FYI about the problem before reinstalling:

  1. I did not intentionally open Dorico 2 while installing Dorico 3 ( or any similar action). It is only because Paul suggested the possibility that I remembered an accidental moment happening along those lines.
  2. I’m afraid my terminology was wrong. It seems I meant “hang”. Spinning beachball.
  3. Previously I had been force quitting.
  4. Now after your comments, I waited for 48 minutes of hanging before force quitting.
  5. “open Edit > Device Setup and set the device and sample rate.” All was fine (Audio Line, 48k)
    4.“create a new project from piano template (with HALion Sonic) and add a few arbitrary notes? Does that play back?” Yes, but it was extremely sluggish.
    I’ve attached a Diagnostic Report from those experiments in case it is something you want to look over.

Thanks again.
Dorico (345 KB)

Sam, welcome to the forum. Try going to Edit > Device Setup and re-choosing the sample rate from the menu there. You should find that everything starts working after that. If not, please check the audio and playback troubleshooting video, particularly from 12 minutes in, and you should find the solution you need.