Dorico Pro 3 vs. Dorico Pro 2

Hi there, I am a Dorico 2 Pro user. I mean Pro for the software name not me! :slight_smile: I am actually quite novice when it comes to a lot of writing features of Dorico Pro 2. I am more focusing on getting performance articulations in playback using Note Performer. I was watching some of the Dorico Pro 3 intros but not sure still if I can take advantage of a lot of those additional features especially since Dorico Pro 3 / Note Performer combination don’t have much more to offer compared to Dorico Pro 2.

Can I install Dorico 3 Pro trial without altering my Dorico Pro 2 so in case I regret either by system performance or glitches that are often happen with early released versions I can quickly switch back to my Dorico Pro 2? If I save a session with Dorico Pro 3 trial version, and I delete the trial version of Dorico Pro 3 or stop using it because of issues, would I be able to open a Dorico Pro 3 session in Dorico Pro 2 later?

Is there any behaviour or feature that works better in Dorico Pro 2 compared to 3? Sometimes I heard features changed with Steinberg Cubase newer versions and I saw people’s comments that they preferred some features or behaviours in the older version. I just want to make sure and clear the path from all doubts to minimize the chance of regret if I move in that direction to upgrade Dorico Pro 2 to 3. I won’t be able to test all the features within one month of trial version since I am a novice in Dorico as I mentioned earlier. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can install Dorico Pro 3 alongside Dorico Pro 2 without any harmful effects. You can even install the Dorico Pro 3 sound library, which will provide a small upgrade to HSSE3 but not change the sounds. You can open projects saved in Dorico 3 in Dorico 2, but if you use any of the new features in Dorico 3 (harp pedaling, condensing, guitar tab, playing techniques with durations, etc.), those notations will not appear when you open the project in the earlier version.

Oh great! Thanks Daniel. :+1:t3: