Dorico Pro 4.3 issues

I’m trying out different things on a project for violin only, using the Synchronized Solo Strings from VSL.
I’m noticing the following:
When changing instrument, Dorico creates a new instance of Halion, etc., which I understand is normal. When I go to the Play window/VST & Midi to delete an unwanted VST instrument instance, some have a greyed out trash icon, while others don’t.
I’m also finding that when in Write mode, I want to create/edit a play technique, the button (pencil icon) is greyed out. I can only access the edit window by going through the Library pulldown menu.
The program itself has started to get stuck a bit when first starting up.
Also, some of the play techniques, when first playback starts, do not actually playback. I have to stop and restart the playback. Only then do all the play techniques behave as expected.
Another similar instance is happening when I’m trying to delete some Expression Maps I don’t need. Same greyed out trash icon.
Anyone else experiencing similar issues/challenges?

If you’re using one of the standard HALion-based playback templates, then yes, indeed, Dorico will add a new instance of HALion if you add a new instrument to your project and you have already replaced the instance of HALion that Dorico originally loaded. If you want to use both HALion and VSL in your project, it would probably be a good idea to add an instance of VSL in the VST and MIDI panel rather than replacing the instance of HALion Dorico has loaded.

You can only remove the last entry in the VST and MIDI panel, so if you have any earlier entries in the rack that are unused or unwanted, you can either change them to be empty (choose from the menu) or replace them with the plug-in that you do want to use.

The pencil button in the action bar in the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode is only enabled when you have an existing playing technique selected in the score. If you want to create a new one, you can click the + button right next to the pencil button instead.

You can only delete expression maps that are both user-defined (i.e. not part of Dorico’s default set) and not currently in use by your project. If any instruments are referring to the expression map in Endpoint Setup, you cannot delete the expression map.

This is what I was missing. Thank you.

This is not happening when choosing a play technique.

This is not behaving as stated by you. I’ve chosen an EM that is not Dorico Halion, and is not being used in the project, in an empty project (no players)and it still doesn’t delete, unless by user-defined VSL EM’s don’t qualify. Those are the ones I’m trying to delete.

Why could this be happening?

Sorry for the delay in returning to this thread.

If you can attach a project that contains the apparently non-deletable expression maps, I should be able to tell you why they can’t be deleted. Please make sure you tell me the name(s) of the expression maps you expect to be able to delete but cannot.

I’m pretty sure you can’t delete EMs that install into Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4\DefaultLibraryAdditions. As that’s where the VSL installer places them, you are stuck with those, unless you go to that location and delete them off your drive.

Hi Daniel,
Here’s a sample of what I hope shows the “problem” I’m having.
In the EM list, I have many VSL EM’s.
The ones I want gone are:
All the VSL SY… ones
All SYzd SE & SE Plus
All SYzd Woodwinds
I’ve gone into the Library menu, chosen the EM option and when the window is open, I’ve chosen these EM’s, but the trash can icon is greyed out.
Thanks for your help and support.
Sample1.dorico (405.1 KB)

As I mentioned above, the project is likely irrelevant because you cannot remove any of the VSL expression maps that reside in the DefaultLibraryAdditions folder by deleting them within Dorico’s EM list. The Windows location is in the post above, but I’m not sure where that folder is if you’re on a Mac. In any case, if you no longer want those EMs you can just delete them from the DefaultLibraryAdditions folder, or temporarily move them out of that folder. For example, VSL installed all these in that location on my system. (Each folder contains many EMs)

As a future feature request, it would be very useful to be able to organize EMs into folders or some sort of structure system within Dorico itself.