Dorico Pro 4 - Boxed Version?

Several UK and EU online stores are offering a “Boxed” version of Dorico 4 Pro. Given the new Steinberg Licensing model (which requires no dongle), and that I believe you still have to download the software - what is actually in the box?

There’s nothing in the box except a small card containing the same kind of Download Access Code you would receive if you purchased the software from our online shop, or from the online shops of any of our reseller partners who can handle electronic software delivery. We only have the physical product available because some of our partners cannot yet handle (or we have not yet set them up for) ESD.

Thanks! That’s all I needed to know. :slight_smile:

As an adjunct, I’ve been trying to buy Dorico 4 today from the Steinberg website, as a cross-grade from Finale. I uploaded proof of my ownership this morning - but have not heard back from Steinberg by this evening. How long does this verification normally take?

You might have to wait a little longer than normal because my colleagues in Hamburg are responsible for verifying education and crossgrade eligibility, and it’s a public holiday in Germany tomorrow for Ascension Day, so nobody will be in the office, and it’s possible also that some might take Friday off as well, so it could be Monday.

If you need access to Dorico in the meantime, just let me know and I can provide you with a trial license.

Oh gosh! THAT would make sense!! Thanks for reminding me of the church calendar, and I will be patient! :slight_smile: