Dorico Pro 4 & Guitar Tablature Enhancements

Before I upgrade from v.3.5 to 4, I was interested to know if there have been any enhancements to guitar tablature. Thanks.

The main guitar improvements in Dorico 4 are focused around support for capos, fingering in chord diagrams, and so on. There are some bug fixes across all areas of the application. The 103-page Dorico 4 Version History document is completely comprehensive so you can research the current capabilities of the software in detail before you decide whether or not you would like to purchase the update. A trial version will also be available in due course.

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Thanks for your reply Daniel. It looks a great upgrade. I think the biggest thing for me personally is having independent control over the different elements displayed on the notation and tablature staves. I frequently want a staccato marking on the tablature stave but I can’t. Conversely, I frequently want to remove slurs from the notation stave to declutter things - especially when there are lots of ties… The ability to display and hide things on a stave by stave basis would be the most significant upgrade for me.

If I may: A remove and add staff functionality would be most appreciated if it could work with tablature as well.
The workaround using two players is acceptable at the moment, though.