Dorico Pro 4 hangs on startup - waiting for RSS feed?

Win10 21H2 OS Build 19044.2604
Dorico Pro 4.3.20

On opening Dorico it hangs after the Auio Engine Initialization with the following

RSS feed request redirecting to: /feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCIOwP19omIVDSUq2rTGgHKw

I’ve tried restarting the computer, re-installing Dorico and generally shouting at it, but all to no avail.

Any ideas?



the Audio Engine initialization happens really quickly, just a second or so, after which Dorico hangs with the RSS feed message. Suspecting the Audio Engine I had a look for the VST Audio Engine in Task Manager, and it wasn’t there. Hmm…

So, I switched my default audio from my external Alesis audio mixer to USB audio, and all is now OK.

Conclusion: the VST Audio Engine should be a prime suspect when investigating start up snags on Windows. (in the Billiard Room with the lead piping m’lud)

I suspect the issue will be solved by following the instructions here:

Thank you very much Daniel, that could be pretty useful if it happens again.