Dorico Pro 4 No Sound/Blank Stereo Output

Currently running the Dorico Pro 4 trial. For some reason, I’m unable to hear any audio when playing back any music. I’ve watched and followed the troubleshooting video with no luck. When I go into device setup, I’m unable to select anything for stereo output even though my speakers do show up in the ASIO driver settings. I’ve attached a screenshot and the diagnostic file. Let me know if there’s any further information I should provide. Running Windows 11.

Dorico (558.4 KB)


Hi @alpalakic, welcome to the forum.
First thing I would try is to switch to a different sample rate and see if that fixes the issue. So, go to Edit > Device Setup, change the sample rate and close the dialog and then reopen that dialog. Is it then showing the speakers as output ports?
I really think it is something about a sample rate mismatch between Dorico and the Windows System.
You have watched the tutorical video, and there was also a section that showed you how to get to the advance options of your speakers from the Windows side. If you go back there, what default sample rate is shown there? Please try to match that sample rate there to that of Dorico (or vice versa).

Edit: May I also suggest to try out a different driver, namely FlexASIO? It is for free and can be downloaded from here. Install it, relaunch Dorico and it shall appear as choice in the Edit > Device Setup dialog.

Thank you so much. FlexASIO worked! I tried matching the sample rates but that didn’t help.

Okay, then please use FlexASIO. That one is equally well as driver.

Thank you to the poster and the responder. This helped me to correct a similar problem following a recent installation of Dorico Pro 4.3 on Windows 11.

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