Dorico pro 4 on 2 computers, none is registred in MySteinberg account?

I’ve downloaded, and used, Dorico pro 4 on both my laptop and my desktop computer. Both are working fine it seems so far, but none of them is registered in MySteinberg account. Not used on any computers: it says; but I do, on both.

It’s strange, because:
I’ve downloaded Cubase pro 12 on the same computers and they both registered on respective computer,m and they are working fine.


same here on windows 10

Same here - maybe the upgrade to Cubase 12 (using the same licensing system) has confused the Dorico license (even though I haven’t even activated Cubase 12 yet)?

This has been reported multiple times since the release of D4; there’s nothing to worry about, per Daniel’s previous replies. Apparently you can de-activate and then re-activate, if you’re that concerned, otherwise just don’t worry about it.

It was already incorrect for Dorico before I updated to Cubase12.

At worst, you’ve got two computers running Dorico that aren’t using up two of your allotted seats!


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Suddenly, out of nothing, it all shows up as it should , both registered and activated. So I relax, but I don’t know what’s happening; things just happen , and that’s a bit worrying imo.