Dorico Pro 5 No Audio on Playback

I just purchased Dorico 5, and I can not get audio playback to work. I have tried methods in a troubleshooting video but nothing has worked. When I go into edit instrument and use the keyboard at the bottom of the screen, I do not get any sort of visual indication through a level meter.

Welcome to the forum @majicpenguin and sorry to hear about your trouble.
Please do the following: Start Dorico with a new project from piano template and enter a handful of arbitrary notes. Then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report which will create a zip file on your Desktop.
Since you are new to the forum, you probably won’t be able to attach that zip file to a reply here. If that is the case, please send it directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Dorico (267.7 KB)
Here’s the report.

Thanks for the report, @majicpenguin .

I can clearly see what the problem is, namely the audio driver does not detect any output port and therefore does not know where to stream the audio stream out to.
First of all, I’d recommend to use a different driver, which you can download from here. After installation, restart Dorico and choose from the menu Edit > Device Setup. There you should find in the drop down list for ASIO drivers the new item Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver. Select that one and click on the Device Control Panel button, a new little window appears. In the list of output ports, is there anything listed then? Is there something selected, i.e. the checkmark ticked in front of the port name?

It works! Thank you so much.

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