Dorico Pro 5 not activating keyswitches

Hello, I am trying to set up NI Symphony Series for playback in Kontakt with Dorico, but Dorico only activates the keyswitch for the legato articulation (e.g. if I have a staccato articulation in the score, and actively selected in Kontakt, Dorico will switch to the legato articulation). Please advise. Thank you.

Expression map for NISS Celli

NISS Celli in Kontakt

Can you upload a minimal project (just a few bars) which demonstrates the issue? Hard to say what’s happening without looking at it.

Here’s the piece (Violoncello from Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, K.626). In the first bar there are staccato markings, which HSO recognises, but NISS does not. NISS simply defaults to the Legato articulation.

Requiem (Violoncello).dorico (2.5 MB)

When I go into the Playback Options in your file and uncheck this box, the staccato is triggered correctly:

It also works if I increase the tempo or change the notes to sixteenth notes. I wonder if eighth note staccato at that tempo (q=44) is just so long (from its perspective) that it thinks it shouldn’t trigger the staccato samples…

Oh, I see. Thanks for pointing this out, I disabled it and even the HSO VST started playing the notes as staccato, rather than explicit short notes. I will see which one I like the sound of better. Thank you!

And, are you satisfied with NI Symphony? I feel the urge to buy the Strings but I’m afraid too. From what I’ve read, it seems that it really isn’t a good fit for using in Dorico, particularly not in Classical Music. What are your experiences?

It’s been decent, I would say. Here’s a link to an audio mockup of the strings section from Mozart’s Requiem (Beyer orchestration), with Steinberg’s standard Reverb “Church” reverb effect. You be the judge!

I also highly recommend not using legato patches for playback (or in any VST in Dorico). Any fast passages sound like crap as the legato is unable to keep up. Stick with long patches.