Dorico Pro 5 Various Audio Crashes

I am getting multiple different crashes with the audio system in Dorico Pro 5.0.20. Most of them have been happening when I close projects - the Steinberg Hub doesn’t come back up, and I have to reboot the machine in order to get Dorico to function again. Now, however, when I load a project, the audio engine won’t light up the lights for the playback control panel sometimes. I can’t nail it down to a single project - sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve generated a diagnostics report and am attaching it to this message to see if it can be of any help. Please advise.
Dorico (854.6 KB)

In your diagnostics indeed some crash dump files from the audio engine do appear, but they all have a size of zero bytes, so something is wrong here.
Could you please create another diagnostics and in that case make sure that actually the dump files are not empty. The dump files can also be found in your documents folder in the Steinberg subfolder. Many thanks

Are you talking about the files in my …\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\ directory? I’ve got a bunch of files in there, but they’re all zero length as well. Here, I’ll attach them: (3.7 KB)

I created another diagnostic file as well:
Dorico (832.5 KB)

Yes, exactly that location. But if they are all zero bytes long, they are useless for me. And i wonder how that can happen in first place…

When you have to reboot your machine, there is most likely a zombie audio engine process lingering around, so instead of rebooting you just need to kill that zombie. Instead of Task Manager I reconmend the free utility Process Explorer. There, in the list of processes you look for VSTAudioEngine, right click on it and from the pop-up menu choose kill.

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I will try that. That doesn’t solve my problem of the crashes, though. Is there anything I can do that would generate a log for you?

Try the steps from here:

Dorico is crashing. What do I do?
Although we make every effort to ensure that Dorico will run stably on everyone’s computer, you may occasionally encounter a crash. To help us troubleshoot the problem, please follow these steps.

On Windows, applications no longer produce a crash dump by default. You can make your computer generate the minidump files we need to diagnose your problem by downloading, unzipping and double-clicking this Registry key: (503 Bytes)
Now when Dorico crashes, Dorico will create mini-dump files that we can use to determine what happened before it crashed.

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Windows 11 Task Manager lets you search by name very easily:

Assuming this discussion is related to Windows platform.

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Yes, but the Task Manager is not so reliable in shoeing background processes, I found
Another big advantage of Process Explorer is, that it can crrate mini dumps. Task Manager can only do full-size dumps and those are too huge to handle. Also, the developers hardly take a look at full-size dumps Even for debugging the mini dumps are sufficient


Here’s the link for Process Explorer:

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I’m not sure if the registry dump-config hack is going to work for me or not. I had a look inside the file, and it had entries for Dorico.exe, Dorico2.exe, Dorico3.exe, and Dorico3.5.exe. It did not have entries for any version of Dorico higher than that. I’m running Dorico 5.0.20, so I’m not sure if the dump file will get generated. Has it worked in the past?

In any case, I’ve installed it into my registry, just in case. Where will the dump files be placed when they are generated (if this thing works)?

I’ve also downloaded and installed ProcessExplorer and will be using it from now on. Thanks for the link.

If everything works as it should, the crash dump files Dorico collects when you create a diagnostic report will not be 0 bytes in size!

A valid point you make here. But see, it is easy, you can just add additional items for the newer Dorico versions. Only the HKEY changes, the rest is all the same.

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You know, you’re right - I didn’t even notice that. D’oh. :sweat_smile: Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve edited my local copy and imported the new Dorico5.exe values.

If you guys want my file, I’ve attached it. (475 Bytes)