Dorico Pro Update from trial

Hey guys, I have a quick question regarding Dorico Pro 5. There’s this promotion around that gives a 25% discount on licenses. I had been using the Pro 4 trial, as I have the Dorico 4 Elements version, and when I boot up it shows me the advertising for the existing promotion. But, it also has a button that says “Update to Pro 5” as if I had a Pro 4 license. The price is obviously much lower (70-90ish euros), so it should be a mistake, right? Or is it possible to pay that price for an update and buy the Pro 5 license?

Thank you for your response!

Welcome to the forum, Ivan. You’re seeing that promotional message because you’re currently running a Dorico Pro trial license, because the logic that determines which message to show you doesn’t consider whether or not your license is permanent or a trial.

You would indeed need to buy the Dorico Pro 5 upgrade rather than the update to move from Dorico Elements 4 to Dorico Pro 5.