Dorico Pro2 Educational Price

Hi Daniel,

Firstly, congrats on Dorico’s progress so far. It is truly remarkable what you guys have achieved so far! :slight_smile:

  1. I just would like to ask you if there is perhaps an educational update price for version 2 available?

  2. If not, then I’ll have to do it later, but can I then install the “Trial Version” and revert back after the trial expired? I guess I need to know if version 2 files will open up in version 1 again.

  3. Does NotePerformer 3 work on version 1.x?


  1. What was question 1?
  2. Educational discounts only apply to the first time you buy. Upgrades cost the same for everybody.
  3. Version 2 files seem to open in version 1, but it’s potentially risky - things like bar repeats and divisi staves may not show correctly in version 1.
  4. No, only version 2.

Hi pianoleo!

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

Who said my four “points” were “questions”? :wink:

Keep well!