Dorico project completely black

Black screen in setup/write/engrave mode.

Midi info is there and plays fine. Before this happened, I tried manually changing the styling for the title and every time I tried it refused the changes, so I restarted Dorico only to find this. All of my other projects are fine.

This is a new project from an XML file originally made in Sibelius.

Here is the project:
Variations on an Original Theme.dorico (1005.2 KB)

Layout Options has the Full Score with no Page Template Set.


How that came to be, I don’t know. It may be a bug: someone else had a similar issue the other day. XML can have an effect on the Layout Options.

The notes are visible in Galley View.

“Layout Options has the Full Score with no Page Template Set.”
Change that to Default Full Score, and the notes will show up in Page View.

I suspect something in the XML file.

That is so strange! Thanks for the help.

I’ve got the same issue, only difference is that when I change my Page Template to Default Full Score, the notes don’t show up in Page View at all - Gallery View is fine though.
No idea what to do here!

Does the Default Full Score Page Template have music frames in it?

Again, hard to know without seeing the actual file.

Welcome to the forum, @gijs.vanamelsvoort. Could it be that the combination of page size and staff size you’ve chosen in Layout Options means that Dorico can’t fit even one whole bar on the system? As Ben suggests, it would be helpful if you could upload your project so we can take a look.