Dorico recieves MIDI input, but won't record it

Hi all, long time no see. Recently updated to Dorico Pro

I can press enter and enter notes, but when I press record and enter notes, I hear them, but upon stopping the recording they are not notated.

This was present on macOS 13.0.1 and upgraded to 13.1 to see if that had any issue with it.

Additionally, this MIDI device is bluetooth and connected before starting Dorico.

I shot a short video: - Google Drive

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EDIT 1: Confirming complete uninstall and reinstall did not solve the problem.

Also confirming complete uninstall and reinstall didn’t solve the problem.

Does step-time input work OK, Wally? Show the caret on the staff, then play a note on your MIDI keyboard: does it appear in the staff as expected?

Hey Daniel! (Long time no see!)

Does the first half of the video show step-time input? To be explicit: I press enter on the staff, the carat appears, I hit notes on the MIDI keyboard and notes matching my pitch and the duration value selected on the left.

In the video, I do this type of input, then follow up with an attempt to MIDI record- you can hear the VST make the correct pitches in both sections, however, no notes appear in the record section.

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So you are using pitch-before-duration. Important to know.

Thank you for the clarification, Derrek! I wasn’t sure of the feature names which is why I was explicit in the actions I was taking. I’ll try step-time input.

EDIT: I just watched a video for pitch-before-duration input, and that is not what input I was using. I was using the same input that existed from v1 in Dorico, which didn’t have those previews of the notes before duration.

I had duration selected as a latch, and then the pitch wrote to the staff as I played.

Also @dspreadbury, I would say it appeared “as I expected it”, but there was no intelligent splitting of staves on piano input. But I assumed that was a different problem.

If step-time input is working, then it’s pretty odd that real-time input is not. Could you please try the steps again that you showed in your video, then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so I can take a closer look?

Thanks Daniel, will do.

Sorry for the delay @dspreadbury, holiday travel and all… Here’s the report. Thank you.
Dorico (453.8 KB) (Also happy new year!!)

The way MIDI recording works in Dorico is that Dorico buffers everything you play, then it saves the MIDI data to a file in a temporary location, and then it imports that MIDI file at the appropriate position in the project. So I think the next step would be to get a look at the MIDI file that Dorico is capturing.

Please run the Terminal app on your Mac, and at the command prompt type:

open $TMPDIR

This should open a new Finder window onto a folder called T. In here you should find a folder called Dorico 4, and inside there should be a folder called MIDI captures. Zip this folder up and attach it here.

Here you are, thank you. MIDI (563 Bytes)

Well, there’s a single MIDI file in there, and it definitely includes notes, so I would expect the music to appear. I’m not sure what could be going on here – I’ll ask my colleague Paul if he has any ideas.

Thank you. Is the midi file per application session or segmented somehow by event? Would a record, then a stepwise entry be two different files?

Step input doesn’t get captured to file in the same way: Dorico handles that directly as each note arrives. Only real-time input is captured to a buffer and then imported in one go when you stop recording.

Thanks, @dspreadbury, let me know if there’s anything else I can provide. I can also capture console feedback, etc. if that would help.

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ALRIGHT~ I’m king bonehead today.

I updated its firmware and set it in “force peripheral mode”. One of the two things fixed it.

If anyone here owns a CME Widi Master, I’m posting this fix for you. :wink:

Thank you, again, Daniel!

Great, I’m very pleased to hear you’re now up and running.