Dorico refuses to play back scores after Logic X has been used

Good evening all,

I’m new to the forums and thought I’d make a splash by posting a problem.

I recently bought Logic Pro X which I have been using to doodle musical ideas. When I close Logic Pro X and switch to Dorico to write the serious score, Dorico refuses to play back what I have written. It is not that it is silent as such - it simply will not start the playback process. No movement at all.

In the same situation, I have had it intermittently refuse to load HALion and also completely freeze.

I use a Mac Mini (late-2012 model), maximum RAM, latest versions of Logic Pro X and Dorico and latest version of Mac OS.

I was hoping that might be a way of clearing the memory or similar without having to restart the machine each time I have used Logic Pro just so Dorico playback works. I have never faced a problem like this so I have no idea at all what to check.

Any help would be appreciated!


Michael Stubbs

Did you try the “Apply Default Playback Template…” in Play-Menu in Play-Mode already?

What audio devices do you have connected to your Mac?
Also, you say that you close Logic. Do you really terminate the program? Because it seems to me that Dorico can’t claim the audio device because it is still in use by Logic or some other program.
What if you go in Dorico to Edit > Device Setup. What driver is selected there?

Further, when Dorico does not play back, please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop containing log info. Please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Thank you for the responses. And of course I have just done the same thing as usual and everything is working fine.

The only thing I usually have connected is my ancient Clavionva via a MIDI-USB cable. There are no other audio devices connected.

bobmusic: I have made a mental note of that advice. I will try it next time it goes wrong.
Ulf: If this happens again I will email a diagnostic report to you.