Dorico returning to start when switching layout

Same problem here. Dorico 5.020.2042 on PC. I’m sure it must have happened in the last update, otherwise I’d have noticed it before, as it’s so irritating. (I only need to leave the view, and when I return to it the display has gone back to the start of the flow.)

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Yeah it’s surely a timing issue, as it mysteriously appears and disappears on different computers, and different releases. Didn’t see it on the last release but showed up again on this one.

Until they can fix it (timing issues are a b****) what I do is use the Jump bar GoTo feature, just make a note of the bar, flow or whatever on scratch pad by your computer. Or just use the dedicated goto

Yes, I use those commands all the time anyway, but of course they’re not ideal for the purpose in hand. I frequently switch between the full score layout and indivdual parts layouts, and to have the view transported back to bar 1 each time I switch back to the score is not conducive to a smooth workflow.
Actually, now that I come to look again at the OP and the replies to it, the problem under discussion seems to raise its head when files are opened; in my situation all that’s needed is what I’ve described above, i.e. within a session, so my issue may be a different one.

I searched for this before, but the thread I found had to do with Dorico going back to the start of the score when restarting, rather than continuing where the user left off. My issue is different, in that I’m returned to the start each time I switch between layouts - e.g. between the full score and a vocal score (in either direction). This may be how it’s always been, but it seems new to me. Have I missed a setting somewhere? I had my money on Edit>Preferences>View>‘When switching tab or window, bring selection into view’, but that’s not it.

You’ll need to provide a bit more information, Gareth. Are you viewing the score in galley view and the parts in page view? Are you switching in the same view by hitting W or choosing a different layout from the layout selector in the toolbar? Do you have something selected when you change view, or not?

I’ve tried all combinations - page view in both, page view in one and galley in the other, selection made or not made, and it’s always the same - whichever way round I switch, it’s always the start of the project that I’m returned to. The attached video shows how it looks - it’s showing the final couple of pages of the vocal score. I click on ‘full score’ in the dropdown (you can see that it goes to the start) and then I click back on ‘vocal score’ and I’m returned to bar 1 of the score again.

BTW I’ve never used the W shortcut, but I do see now that you reminded me of its existence that itdoes take me from a selection to the same place in the other layout. However, the way that shortcut functions doesn’t seem to suit me for some reason.

Make sure you have something selected before you switch to another layout, and provided the item you’ve selected is present in the layout you’re switching to, the selection should be brought into view.

I’m afraid that making a selection makes no difference. I selected the piano staff at bar 18 of Flow 2 in the vocal score (the piano is also in the full score). As this video shows, switching to full score goes to the start of the project, as does an immediate return to the vocal score.

I am being a bit lazy here, though. Taking advantage of dual screens, I normally have a different layout on each screen, and that causes no problems of course.

When you switch layouts within the same tab, Dorico essentially recreates the view from scratch, and it doesn’t try to restore the last view position from that layout. It saves the last position in each view when you save a project and then reopen it, but not when switching between layouts in the same window. This is something we could try to address in future versions.

However, you really should find that pressing W with a selection will move the selection into view. If you’re switching to galley view, it’s possible that the selection will be hidden under the margin at the left-hand side of the window, in which case try scrolling to the left a little bit.

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I notice weird jumping as well

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I have found that altering a Page Template sends the file to the very start when I close the Template Editor, something that caused a bit of chagrin when trying to fine-tune a template for a special condition on page 304 or so.

Yes, using the jump bar to jump back saved some time. Glad it was available.