Dorico sample compositions

Hi there,

I was wondering if any one out there that is willing to share your composition with me. It could be a draft or incomplete work. My objective is to get half a dozen cases (or up to a dozen) to screen through the compositions, how the notation is done and especially more dynamic symbols are used it’s better. The way the instruments interact is also a key for me so how you designate what instrument at the moment is overlapping another instrument and the way they play together, naturally an instrument of a group of instruments will be in the background and they sound perhaps pp to mp or staccato and another group is in the foreground so they sound mf or higher.

More articulations, better for me to test this responsiveness of orchestral playback. Just to find out how paying attention to those details make the performance more playable and sound more musical in an orchestral setup.

My other objective is how those symbols (if all playable properly) makes a difference in how it plays in Note Performer.
I use Note Performer primarily but also I have Halion Symphonic as well, so if the session requires both of those, that’s fine too.
I was trying to use Musescore pool of compositions and convert them to XML, but I found most of the time there are bugs in converting to XML and how Dorico reads those XML files so it defeats the purpose of this learning. It ends up being distracting and gives me headache in the direction of troubleshooting rather than learning.
I know there is a sense of community in this group so I’m hoping a few people step forward in this attempt.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: (794 KB)

Thanks a lot Dan! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Derrek! :slight_smile: