dorico / screen saver interaction

Hi there –

I’m on a MacbookPro running OS 10.9.95 and Dorico 1.0.10.
I noticed an interesting there where if I have Dorico open, the Mac screensaver will begin (manually or automatically after a period of inactivity), but the “enter password” box will remain constant, and the display will not go to sleep (as per my settings). If I close Dorico before activating the screen saver, the screen saver will perform as normal.

Anyone else having this?

Yes, this has been discussed lots of times before. It’s caused by the audio engine, and other Steinberg products (e.g. Cubase) behave the same way. A quick search of the forum (using terms like “sleep” and “display”) should turn up some other results.

Sorry I had searched for “screen saver” but came up empty. Thanks!