Dorico SE 3 installer


I followed the email instructions and with the help of the download manager I selected Dorico SE - however, when I looked at the installer exe file, it’s named Dorico 3 - I installed it and sure enough, it installed Dorico PRO 3, not SE - I have deleted that file and re-downloaded again, using the download manager and the same thing happened. Even though I chose Dorico SE in the manager, the downloaded install file is for Dorico PRO 3.

Is there a direct link to the install file for Dorico SE 3?


The install file is identical. The application itself is identical. The only difference is the feature set, and that is determined by the license.

If you have a Dorico Pro licence but you want to run a different Dorico flavour, you can hold the Alt key while starting Dorico to launch Dorico Elements, and hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to launch Dorico SE.

If you’ve already got Dorico 3.1 (Pro) installed, don’t waste your time trying to install any other flavour of Dorico.

I considered that possibility, but no such info as you have provided was included anywhere during install. I will try what you suggested then.

Thank you!

UPDATE: holding Ctrl while launching doesn’t work either. :frowning:

UPDATE 2: so, regardless of which version you have the license for (and the subsequent key launch combination) the program always says “enter code” or “continue trial” - even though it’s actually launching SE - that’s really shoddy programming and unnecessary. I hope they consider doing a cleaner solution soon.

I believe on Windows it’s hold down Ctrl immediately after double-clicking, until it launches.

If you have a trial license that is still active, Dorico will open at the level authorized by the trial license until it expires, at which point your permanent license (with any limitations it contains) will take over.

When you follow Leo’s and Dan’s advice to hold down the CTRL key, you have to hold it down until the flash screen appears–which seems a long time. Of course, if you are on a Mac, you would hold down the CMD key rather than CTRL.

Yip, works for me. I have a Pro licence, but if I hold down the Ctrl key (Win10) immediately after double clicking the Dorico icon it opens as Dorico SE.
So long as it doesn’t get stuck that way :wink:

GP-DIGIT, I guess you have a USB-eLicenser connected with an “All Applications” trial license; Dorico will choose to use that because it allows it to run at the highest possible level of features. Disconnect the USB-eLicenser and you should find that Dorico pops right up as SE.

I have installed Dorico SE too.
I have saved the registration for Dorico SE on eLicenser
But when it start the “Dorico” from my Desktop, it startup the Pro Version as a 24hr trial mode version
I have uninstalled this version and download an install again.
The same again.What is wrong?

Nothing is “wrong.” Read this thread from the start. The software for SE, Elements, and Pro is identical. It will use the most powerful licence it can find on your system, which is your 24hr “all products” trial licence.

You can force it to run as SE instead of Pro by following the instructions in the earlier posts.

Sorry Rob. Thats no answere.
First: Of course i have read it. But holding Ctrl key until Splash screen popup makes no difference. This version promt every time with a request to buy the full version. There is no difference holding down ctrl or not. The software do not start into SE mode!

The difference between SE and Trial Version is: SE is a reduced version, but a Trial is a time limited full version that popup a notification to buy every time. Even the reduced Cubase versions do not have a “buy it” popup splash screen.

Again: How can i start this program direct into SE mode?
The licence for “Dorico SE” is on my elicenser. Why notify the program to use it as “trial” or “buy it”?

Same problem
Try pressing ESC when you see the purchase screen.
I didn’t understand if you need to press control on startup.
Sometimes the SE version has started.

The eLicense Control Center has an Action to Remove a license, but on my machine it is greyed out (just as well in my case). Would the eLicense Control Center let those who wish to remove a trial license?

If not, it appears one will have to hold down CTRL/CMD and endure the ad screen till the trial license expires. IIRC it’s only 30 days.

Trying to run in SE mode doesn’t work on my Mac either. I keep the Command, Option or Control key while Dorico 3.5 is launching, but I always get the dialog asking to enter a license.

I installed the dedicated license for Dorico SE, and this works. In case I move the protection key to this Mac, should I also install a separate copy for Dorico Pro, or the key will be recognized, and the program run in Pro mode?


Paolo, is you Pro license on the usb eLicenser, and if so, is the usb eLicenser plugged in? SE still requires a license; it’s just that the SE license can be obtained for free.

I must have more precise:

  • I want to run Pro on Mac A, but from time to time also on Mac B;
  • I want to run SE on Mac B;
  • When I don’t have the USB key plugged in Mac B, I want to run SE;
  • When I have the USB key plugged in Mac B, I want to run Pro.

Since I have to enter a license for SE on Mac B, what happens when I move the USB key to Mac B? Dorico will run in Pro mode, or will I have to install a second copy of Dorico, run it, and that one will use the USB key to run in Pro mode?


Dorico will always use the highest license level it can find. Request an SE code and type that into eLicenser Control Center on computer B. Now computer B will run as SE if the dongle isn’t plugged in, and Pro if the dongle is plugged in.

I see. Very clear, thank you.