Dorico SE activation code is missing

I read that Steinberg has released Dorico, the best notation software, and as an old Sibelius user, I just wanted to test Dorico SE. But it is absolutely impossible to get any Activation Code even with eLicenser Control Center ! So stupid …
So I think I will have to keep going with Sibelius until Steinberg people awake and fix this up.

You will likely get a fairly prompt response right here on the forum from someone (like @dspreadbury ) who will send you an activation code via PM.

Welcome to the forum, @JPG. I’m sorry that you’ve not received the expected activation code. I’ve sent you one via private message here on the forum. Please let me know if you haven’t received it.

Many thanks for your quick answer and activation code.
Best regards,

Hi i have downloaded Dorico Se but i do not recieve any emails to activate it.

Many thanks

Hello! Seems to me that Dorico SE activation code acquisition somehow has become an “ever-lasting-story”… and “mr.dspreadbury” is the ultimate instance/hope to get hold on said code

May I ask for mine as well?