Dorico SE and 3 on same machine

Is it possible to have SE and 3.1 installed on the same machine?

I tried ran the SE installer and added the license to the soft licenser but the application is not showing up in my application list.

I would like to have SE installed on my soft licenser so I can do printing an other minor tweaks on my laptop just in case I don’t have my dongle with me.


There is only one “Dorico 3” application. It runs Pro, Elements, or SE depending on what licences are available.

If you have a Pro licence on the dongle in your laptop, you can run SE by pressing Ctrl (windows) or Cmd (Mac) immediately after you launch Dorico, and holding the key down until the splash screen appears.

Alternatively, unplug your dongle and Dorico should find the SE licence on your soft licenser.

Thank you.