Dorico SE and NotePerformer


When I select the NotePerformer playback template in Dorico SE (latest version), I see the NotePerfomer name surrounded by exclamation marks in the VSTi slot ("!! NotePerformer !!").

Despite the availability of a playback template, I see NP is not even listed among the VSTis that can be selected. Is NP compatible with Dorico SE?


Yes, NotePerformer is compatible with all versions of Dorico, but that indicates that NotePerformer has become blacklisted on your system. Assuming you’re not running Dorico SE on your main computer, try going to the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences, clicking ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’, then quit and restart Dorico and see if that brings NotePerformer back in from the cold. Also, please make sure you’re running the very latest version of NotePerformer, which is version 3.3.1 (at the time of writing).

Daniel, thank you for your answer. I’m using Dorico SE 3.5.10 and NotePerformer 3.3.1 on my Mac laptop, where it happens sometimes I use Dorico Pro (when moving here the key).

Would I do some damages to Dorico Pro, if I do the reset you suggested?


Yes, you would indeed. But it also means that NotePerformer won’t be working in Dorico Pro on that computer either.

I did the Reset Audio Engine Data, but NP is still surrounded by exclamation marks. I don’t even see it in the list of blacklisted VSTis. I’ll try restarting the Mac.

You may need to provide some diagnostics for me/Ulf to take a look at.

Restarting the Mac did the trick. Only restarting Dorico after the reset was not enough. However, now it works fine!