Dorico SE, change size of chord diagrams

I know you can do it in pro, but can you change the size of guitar chord diagrams in SE ?

You can do it using the ‘Custom scaling’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel.

OK thanks.
It seems you can’t adjust chord text size independently of diagram?
Also, can you have chord names without the chord diagrams?

You can certainly enter simply chord symbols. Shift-Q and enter the chord symbols.

In general, the answer to “Can you adjust ______ in SE or Elements?” is “No.” Many pertinent settings would be found in Engraving Options, Notation Options, or Engrave Mode—Paragraph/Font Styles, none of which are available in SE or Elements. That’s one of the distinguishing features of Pro: full manual control.

In SE, mostly your only options are those that are accessible from the bottom Properties Panel.

Thanks, but writing for guitar, choosing “fretted instruments” still gives me a chord diagram with the chord symbol?

Yes, if you choose to show chord diagrams for an instrument, then every chord symbol will show both the chord symbol and the chord diagram.

In Setup mode, right-click on your player, and select Chord Diagrams–No Chord Diagrams.

Thank you.