Dorico SE does not start

I have Dorico SE 4 and the license to run it, but every time I try to run the application and sounds installers, it fails in JavaScript because “the directory name is invalid”. What do I do about this?

Welcome to the forum, @Noel_Teter. Could you attach a screenshot of the actual error message you’re seeing?

Hi Daniel,
I updated my computer to Windows 11 and was able to load Dorico; however, even though I have HALion Sonic SE open and running, no sound will play. Do I need to connect it to an output, and if so, how?

Please check out this troubleshooting video for help:

Daniel, I just updated to Windows 11 from Windows 10 (64) and my Dorico sound is completely gone. I am noticing that your Dorico’s troubleshooting video has not been updated to account for later versions of Windows (re: [User]/Steinberg/[the VST folder is not in the Steinberg folder, as described]. Please update this video at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.