Dorico SE: German Chords H / B

Hello everybody,

is it possible to turn the B-chord into a german H-chord?

Thanks for your help!

Engraving Options → Akkordsymbole → Darstellung von H und B

(Dorico Pro 3)

In Dorico SE this is not possible, of course, because there is no access to the Engraving Options dialog in Dorico SE (or indeed in Dorico Elements).

Patrick1977, if you want, you can attach your project here and I or somebody else with Dorico Pro can make this change in Engraving Options and return the project to you.

…and if you didn’t know, you need to zip it first. You may also need to set the Playback Template to silence (via Play mode) if the file is too big for the forum to accept.

Thanks for your quick answers and of course for your support. I will think abaout an upgrade then :wink:

the suggestion with sending the file to someone with Dorico Pro is serious. Once that person has changed the chord display from B to H, you can happily work in Dorico SE with B chords displayed as H.
For new projects, just re-use that file.

Oh, i see. I thought that I would have to send every single file in order to convert it.
So that means that I crate a simple Dorico-file (for example with a simpe C-scale - so the file should be small enough), save it and send it tou you?
Then I open it, save it under a new name and can use it again and again?

That would be great!

Yes, absolutely right.