Dorico SE license is single activation only

I’ve been using Dorico pro on several computers with switching the dongle. How nice, the new Dorico SE gives me a Dorico reader on my laptop whenever the dongle is not available. After activating the SE license on the soft licenser, Dorico would launch in pro mode with the dongle plugged and in the SE mode without the dongle. So far, so (very) nice.

Unfortunately the SE license can be activated only once, even if it’s a piece of free software, not a trial. I have more than one computer where I would like to have a free Dorico reader …

You can request as many licences as you like via the website.

Hmmm, i tried this before starting this thread using my normal MySteinberg credentials - didn’t receive a new license, but also didn’t get an error message. Yes, I could create new credentials for each license …

Hmm. You seem to be correct. Daniel has stated (in an interview) that you can click for as many SE licences as you like. Hopefully when he sees this thread he’ll investigate what’s going wrong.

I’ll check with the web team about this. There’s certainly no good reason to limit the number of Dorico SE licenses that you can get hold of. You can always just drop me an email and ask for another one in the meantime, and I’ll happily send it to you.

HI ,

Could I get a Dorico SE license key ? I have just installed the free SE version but was asked for license key

When you register (supply your e-mail) Steinberg should e-mail you an activation key.

Hi, I have just checked my email but I still have not received the license key.

I’ve sent you an activation code via private mail. Check for ‘Private Messages’ at the top right of this page.

Same here, downloaded the Dorico 3.5 per the instructions in the video but never received an email with an activation code. Could you please sent a code via personal email ?

I’ll send you a Dorico SE activation code by private message. Check your inbox here on the forum.

hi, i didn’t get the activation code from both of my steinberg accounts…
could you please send me a code via personal message ?

It seems like this is still an issue. I would like to get an SE license to put on my 2nd computer. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, MnFlojte. I’ll send you another activation code via private message, so please check your inbox.

can I have an SE license too? (it’s for my work computer) thank you

I got mine via the Steinberg web site; have you tried that?

Hi! I’m having the same issue. Could you please send me a code too? @dspreadbury Thanks!

I would like to get an Dorico SE 3.5 license please. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, @JossQ. I’ll send you an activation code by private message here on the forum.

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Wow, this really doesn’t seem like a good use of your time, @dspreadbury… But I would like a second SE license too. I want to try Dorico out on my trusty old Surface Pro 3, anticipating the day when Dorico is dongle-less and the new touch features from the iPad version make their way to the Destktop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: