Dorico SE Multiple Machines

I bought Dorico first day and am very happy with it. When I bought a 2nd computer I moved the license to the USB-eLicenser. I so much enjoy to be able to open Dorico files in Dorico SE on my MacBook now without carrying around the USB-Licenser.

Now I wanted to install Dorico SE on my iMac also to get used to what it can and can’t do in order to recommend it to my students and use it in theory lessons. Unfortunately it looks like I can’t get a second activation key for this free software in my account. Should I create a second account or does anyone know another way?

A. You can have as many SE activation codes as you like. If your MySteinberg account won’t let you request another one, just ask here and someone from the development team will likely PM you one.
B. If you have a Dorico Pro license present, you can open Dorico as SE by holding down the Cmd key as soon as you’ve clicked the Dorico icon

Thanks @pianoleo!
Unfortunately holding down the Cmd key right after starting Dorico won’t open Dorico SE on my computer. It opened Dorico Pro regularly. Opening Dorico Elements with the alt key pressed before starting works fine though.

It worked. I just needed to be very very fast…

I have installed Dorico SE3 on my home-made Windows PC. It’s working fine and I’m really impressed with its capabilities. I’d like to use it with my MacBook Pro on the go, so I’d like to get one more activation code. It’s possible to get a new activation code according to Pianoleo’s post but I still don’t get what to do. Could you explain more in detail? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, Joe. Once you’ve activated Dorico SE and registered it via MySteinberg, you can then click the big red “Reactivate” button to obtain a new activation code for Dorico SE. In the meantime, I’ll send you a new one via private message anyway.

Thanks for the quick reply Daniel!
I have some experience with reactivation, so I thought reactivation would delete the previously installed app. That’s why I didn’t try that.
Now, with your instruction, I’m about to try that. But I got the following message from the system as I’d expected. “When reactivating, the registration of the original Soft-eLicenser and the corresponding licenses will be deleted.”
Doesn’t this apply to Dorico SE ?

Thanks for sending me the Dorico SE activation code. It worked fine and was able to successfully activate it on my Macbook Pro.

Joe, in fact it can’t deactivate your existing Dorico SE license, but you won’t be able to reactivate that first one again. However, if you ever need more Dorico SE activation codes and the reactivation system won’t give you one for some reason, you can simply ask me.

Hi I’ve loaded Dorico SE to a new machine, and so need to ask for another activation code.

Thanks for promptly sending, Daniel!