Dorico search audio engine for ever

Hello i gat this problem most of the time when starting Dorico , Dorico search audio engine for ever

Thanks for your help

Patrick Mimran

There could be a few things that have happened here. The first thing is to check that the engine isn’t in a hung state in the background. If you start the task manager/activity monitor (which platform are you on?) then look for a process called VSTAudioEngine, and if there is one then kill it and try starting Dorico again.

One thing that can happen is that if you have any VST plugins that open dialogs at startup (for instance Waves plugins can do this) then these can make it look like Dorico is hanging, but it’s actually a plugin waiting for you to OK a dialog. So try tabbing through the windows to ensure this isn’t happening.

i am on Mac I’ll try that and let you know if it doesn’t work

Thank you