Dorico Shortcuts Keyboards from KBCovers

Greetings all,
About two years ago I emailed KB covers and asked if they would make a Dorico cover. At the time they declined, but to my delight (and surprise!) I woke up to an email from one of their reps saying that they now have Dorico keyboards current to 3.5.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived. (lol)

Do they only do Apple products? Maybe Windows users don’t need training wheels :unamused:

Then again, you can buy a new windows keyboard in the UK for half the price of their covers, let alone their keyboards!

There are two versions of the physical keyboard, one of which you have to select macOS or windows. It’s true, however, that their silicone overlays are mac oriented.

Just wanted to share this cool thing with everyone. It’s a keyboard custom-printed with Dorico shortcuts from KB Covers!

Top is a backlit USB keyboard. Bottom is an Apple Magic Keyboard.

Full disclosure, I consulted with the company on the design, but I don’t get anything for anyone buying them. I just think they’re cool.

It’s basically just one guy, and he’s a Mac user. Those aren’t covers; they’re keyboards. I assume they’re buying the Magic Keyboards from Apple at full retail price to print on. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: Here’s a link to the cover, just added for pre-order:

From the website, they only seem to do US keyboards - so no use to the rest of the world. (I found the “select language” option, but there was only one option to select from ).

Depends on the product. Some of the older and bigger applications (like Photoshop) have more variants.

“Updated for 3.5”. They only illustrate Mac keyboards. It took several email exchanges to get the salesman to send an image of a Windows keyboard. This is the backlit version. He said the slimline version has the same layout and white keys.

I do not see any layout differences from my UK keyboard.
The shift-N shortcut is not included.

What do you mean by “nor any on the number keypad”?
Shift-N isn’t new for 3.5, and in many cases Enter will start note input. I do note that the Figured Bass icon has been added to the G key, so there’s at least one 3.5 update in there.

That was wrong and i edited out

Does your UK keyboard really look like that? All of mine (Windows and Mac) have an L shaped Enter key and a key between Shift and Z (that is typically used for Hide Invisbles in Dorico 3.5).

Well, the shape of the Enter key is not important but you are right about the other key… I see Hide Invisibles is mapped elsewhere.
Incidentally, the numeric keypad shows note input but not the CTRL settings of modes, toolbar and panels.

The shape of the enter key doesn’t matter, but the position of the tenuto key is wrong for U.K. keyboards.

If this were a keyboard cover I’d be bothered that it wouldn’t sit correctly on any of my keyboards, though if this is an entirely separate keyboard I guess it’s not an issue.

This looks a lot like my latest U.S. keyboard from Dell w/ a few minor differences above and to the left of the number pad and Function (Fn) Keys to the left and right of the Space Bar.

It is a keyboard. They do not supply Windows covers.
The costs are $114.85 backlit, $84.95 slimline, I have not checked shipping costs.

Looks like shipping “For Me” is around $10.69 USD

Unfortunately not distributed in Europe.
Their sales strangely enough referred me to EditorsKeys, but they don’t have a Dorico keyboard …

Anyone who knows of a European-distributed (preferably EU for tax/duty reasons) Dorico keyboard ?