Dorico slooooow opening: Installation issues

Hello Dorico users
I’ve just installed Dorico on a new machine. BIg machine: 32 GB RAM and Raid 0 SSD.
But it ages to open Dorico; Today, two and a half minutes. Yesterday, more. It just hangs there with the little blue circle going round and round.

There is no indication of why it hangs, tho a message yesterday suggested it might be something to do with the connection to the sound card.
I guess it’s not meant to do this.
Also, I tried to reinstall Cubase today, but it froze at Groove Agent and would not complete. I wonder if this was linked to the Dorico slow loading.
So what should I do? Reinstall Dorico?
Is there any way of checking whether Dorico is correctly installed or not?

Go and grab eLicenser Control Center version 6.11 from the “Alternative versions for support purposes” table here and install it, and that should resolve the problem completely. Sorry for the incovnenience.

Dear Daniel
Very grateful to you for this link. Dorico is now opening in about 7 seconds. Great.
At first there were issues with a message “A connection to the license server could not be established.”
But, third try it worked.
Let’s see if I can install Cubase now.