Dorico slow and crashing


I’ve upgraded to Dorico 3.5 (running on macOS Catalina) and started to make an arrangement. Everything is really slow, although the project isn’t that big yet (brass band, only 20 bars fully orchestrated) As soon as I try to change something about the preferences of the VST instruments, Dorico crashes.

I’m still very new in using Dorico, so maybe I did something wrong?

Thank you in advance.
Dorico (721 KB)
Loki (BB).dorico (719 KB)

Thanks for providing the logs. It looks like you’re experiencing regular crashes in the audio engine, which may well have the effect of making Dorico hang, because when Dorico tries to save or auto-save your project, it requests data from the audio engine in order to save your current VST plug-in settings, and if the audio engine has already crashed, Dorico will wait forever for it and hang. I’ve asked Ulf to weigh in on this.

Hi Cedric, the audio engine is crashing in an area, where we had a bug before and which we thought is fixed.
Do you have any unusual pattern in opening or closing of windows?
Is there any way that you can induce the crashes? Any hint is helpful and appreciated. Thanks

Hi Ulf

I can induce the crash by going in play mode to the VST settings by clicking on the ‘piano keys’ on an instrument track. It works mostly one time, but the second time, it won’t open.

Meanwhile, I have discovered in another project that exporting to midi, WAV of MP3 also keeps loading.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Cedric, sorry I don’t quite understand. Which piano keys do you mean? The ones shown in the attached picture? And what won’t open?

And sorry, also the statement about ‘also keeps loading’, I don’t know what you mean with that either. Please clarify.

And also please attach a new Diagnostics Report, I want to have a look for new crash reports and see if they still show the same pattern as before. Thanks

Dear Ulf

My apologies for being unclear.

Correct, that is what I meant with ‘piano keys’. I’m very new to Dorico, so I don’t know the correct terminology yet.
With ‘keeps loading’, I meant that it tries to convert the project to MP3 of WAV, but never finishes it. It stays on the screen, attached to this post.

But, I have to say that meanwhile most of the problems are fixing itself. The first days I used Dorico, it was a mess and everything crashed, but after a couple of weeks, this program starts to work like it should be.

I’ll send you a diagnostic report, but I haven’t had any crashes anymore for like 3 days.

Kind regards
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-22 om 12.12.03.png
Dorico (1.57 MB)

Hi Cedric,
indeed, the new diagnostics don’t show any crashlogs anymore. However, regarding the audio export, that is still a problem. I also have another customer now, that consistently experiences this hanging on export. We don’t have a solution, yet, but are working on it. At least I have a project now, with which I can reproduce the issue. I hope we can solve this soon.

Hi, I am using Dorico 3.5. There is a very reproducible bug that is making it difficult for me. I open one project. I open a second project to copy a section of notes. I paste it into the original project. I close the second project. I try to save the first project. Won’t let me save, or quit. Need to force quit. Then, recovered project does not have the newly pasted notes. Only way around this is to just enter by hand by reading from the score of the other project. Let me know if you want a project. I think it happens with just any projects. Thanks! Also, is there any update yet for 3.5? I couldn’t find any. Thanks!

One more question. Can you merge two flows? This might provide a workaround.


Hi janDol, please open a new thread for your issue, otherwise things get messed up. And there is no update for 3.5 available, yet.

Regarding the hanging audio exports, we have a fix for this now. It will become available with the next Dorico maintenance update.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m having a lot of slowness with Dorico 4.3. Dorico has also crashed several times while I’m working.

I’m currently working on a band piece (38 staves, 300+ measures). And while I know that’s large, I have a larger work that I’m going to be beginning in January and I’d love for Dorico to be able to handle it.

I’m running 48GB DDR4 RAM on an i7-7700 on Windows 10. I also have Dorico running on one of my NVMe drives.
Any recommendations for how to fix this? I’m just using the build in sounds.

Welcome to the forum, @timcorpus. Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? It would also be helpful to be able to see the project you’re working on, if you’re able to share it – if you don’t want to post it here you can send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Similarly if your diagnostic report is too large to attach here (if it’s larger than 4MB) then you can email it to me instead. Let me know what specific operations/edits in your project you find to be especially slow when you share the project.