Dorico slow and receiving error messages in a medium project

For some reason, Dorico is awfully slow in this project. I’ve attached a snippet which is not quite as slow as the full project but still annoyingly slow - my other projects are definitely not this slow. I don’t believe this to be a massive project either. If it’s relevant, I’ve been working in Galley with an instrument filter on, and not switching between modes or views or filters.

I’ve also attached a Diagnostics Report that I created straight after performing some tasks in succession and getting a “there has been an error” message. This report was from the full project and if anyone from Steinberg could use the file then I can PM.

Dorislow.dorico (1.1 MB)
Dorico (2.0 MB)

Can you say any more about the specific operations you’re trying that are slow?

Sure, it’s literally most operations but a few that were specifically annoying were:

  • entering notes via midi.
  • selecting a phrase and adding intervals below in succession (this is what caused the error message)
  • copy/pasting
  • repeating a phrase
  • transposing layout toggle (I counted 14 seconds)
  • even just selecting notes can take 1-2 seconds from when I click and the note turns orange.

Your project doesn’t exhibit anything like that kind of slow performance for me. Does switching to the Silence playback template help at all (use a copy of your project if need be to avoid losing any edits you’ve made to playback setup)? Is it any quicker after quitting Dorico and restarting?