Dorico slurs + lyrics wish

Hi there!

Something on my wishlist for a future update:
The possibility to set the default for slurs when working with lyrics in Engrave Mode.
Something like: when working with lyrics, always put the slur above (or below, depending on where your lyrics are)
My workflow now is to flip the ones I need to flip all manually, so this would be a great wish for me!


I agree. This is something I would use.

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As would I. I’d also love it if there was an option when using the choir reduction “instrument” to always have stems face out (ie-away from the lyrics) excepting of course when there are opposing voices requiring a stem to stick inward.

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By default, voices should be unbeamed and dynamics positioned over the staff. If someone found a way to set this up, please share!

Dear Queb,

There is a very interesting thread about beaming in vocal scores. Syllabic beaming seems to be quite despised by a number of copyist, although some of us (professional singers…) still see why it’s not that bad (but I can understand why normal beaming can be very good in some cases). A quick search in the forum should get you there. To make it short, create a shortcut to unbeam (mine is alt-b) and another for beam together (mine is cmd-b). Hope it helps!

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I don’t agree with the default set up for unbeamed, I hate reading scores that way haha. But isn’t it quite easy to select all the notes and split the beams?

I do agree about the dynamics!

Dynamics are just a case of ensuring you use a “Voice” instrument. If you’re finding that “Voices” that have imported via MusicXML are showing dynamics below the stave, you should change the instrument in Setup mode.

Unbeamed vocal lines are the norm in classical/contemporary scores. It’s very practical for singers though I admit it’s quite shitty when you’re sight-reading a score or conducting it. Anyway, it’s not really a matter of preferences, just a standard that should be easily available.

Allo Marc,
Don’t worry, I have my shortcuts set. It’s just more time consuming.
I’ll check the thread later on. Didn’t mean to hijack this one!

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