Dorico, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra

Do the articulations with Spitfire Symphony Orchestra work with Dorico?

I don’t think anybody has yet produced any expression maps for Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, but there has been some other discussion of this library already on the forum, so I recommend you look for existing threads on the topic. For example, a quick search of “Dorico sso” immediately took me to this thread:

I’ve been in the process of creating my own for the new SSO. Now up through the brass. It sounds pretty good but I’m still ironing out dynamics and delay offsets, which is the trickiest part in creating successful expression maps. I’d be happy to share as soon as I progress to something I think is useable.


Thank you!!

That’d be good. The YouTube video on it is five years old, the FAQ seems to be out-of-date, and it’s all very confusing.

Can I map pizzicato to the pizzicato mark?

You can usually set Spitfire VSTs to UACC mode. That allows you to use CC32 to switch articulations. There’s a UACC32 expression map somewhere on the forum.

Thanks. That doesn’t mean anything to me, but it does give me something to Google.

What is UACC and how do I use it? – Support Centre (

I’ve not tried this one, but it might give you a start…
PT Spitfire Audio UACC (3.8 KB)