Dorico stalled when resetting Playback overrides


I have a big music XML imported score (from sibelius), I selected half of the notes in the score and used the command “reset playback overrides”. This caused Dorico to stall in a weird way - I can still pan around in play mode but selecting notes or switching mode is not possible. It is as if the operation is just taking a very long time - but no fan noises or anything like that!

The diagnostics report is attached, but dorico seemed not to crash completely - it just stalled somehow… So I don’t know if there is anything in it.
Dorico (1.4 MB)

It’s certainly possible that removing all of the playback overrides will take a long time if the project is large. I imagine the operation will complete in the end, but depending on the size of the project it may take a while.

For what it’s worth, a project imported from MusicXML will not have any playback overrides; only projects imported from MIDI (or music created via real-time recording) will have playback overrides.