Dorico Starts but Doesn't Start

For some reason I cannot track down, some times, when I start Dorico Pro (3.5.12), it appears to start but never reaches the splash screen. Subsequently it will not start until I go into Task Manager and end the Dorico task (not the audio engine, Dorico itself). Any idea what is happening here? It can happen when I have not opened Dorico prior to this even following a restart or boot up.
Dorico (1.8 MB)

May be related, not sure. Quite often Dorico hangs for a few minutes after the splash screen says ‘audio engine died’. I have to end process with Task Manager and restart to get it to work. I have no explanation. Windows 10, 3.5.12, Note Performer 3.2.2. Does not appear to be related to any given project.

I’m experiencing the same issue on a brand new machine. Didn’t have that problem with my old computer.

Several occasions here exactly as you describe!

There is a suspect from the team it depends on eLC, but I’m not sure…: it happens here only with Dorico and not with anyone of all other Steinberg products that make use of eLC :confused:

I’ve had a number of instances of Dorico not even reaching the splash screen (Task Manager shows a Dorico background process just sitting there doing nothing).

Also if I close Dorico and immediately try to re-start, it sometimes fails to find the Audio Engine and hangs as per @Andro

What I have been experiencing is not the same.

Sounds pretty similar to me!

No audio-engine implications in my case.

I have two distinct situations when Dorico hangs:

  1. on start-up, just like you, and
  2. on shutdown/re-start which is similar to Andro.

(This is not a competition. just sharing experience)

Normally application start-up problems are indeed related to the eLicenser, unfortunately, and there’s not a lot we can do to help. If you’re on Windows, you may find that trying version 6.11 of eLicenser Control Center helps, but equally you may not.

These kinds of difficult to solve problems are one of the reasons why we are working hard to move away from the eLicenser technology as soon as we can.


Are you saying revert to an earlier version of the eLicenser Control Center? Mine is currently

Yes, that is what Daniel is suggesting — it has been suggested already a certain number of times in the forum, unfortunately. Hopefully we’ll get that new licensing system sooner than later…