Dorico, Steinberg Download Assistant: what’s required to be downloaded?

What is actually required to be downloaded and installed when using Dorico? I’m using Dorico mainly for engraving/printing music, so I don’t think I need an advanced 6GB sound library with all the bells and whistles, some simple default sounds would suffice to get an idea whether I’ve written everything correctly.

But also, a litte bit of backstory because I’m confused and not sure if I’m doing something wrong: I’m on a Mac, have Dorico 1 and installed HALion Sonic SE 3 standalone later on because there used to be an audio engine issue with version 2 of HSSE that came with Dorico 1. I don’t remember whether I installed the original HSSE 2 from the Steinberg Download Assistant at the time I downloaded Dorico 1 or whether that was actually included in the application installer.

Now I got a license for Dorico 2 and decided to get rid of the old components first, so I removed the standalone HSSE 3 using a program called “AppCleaner” that automatically searches the computer for all relevant associated system files and removes them. Then I downloaded the Dorico 2 application installer using the Download Assistant, installed it, started Dorico 2, and it seems to work despite not having actively installed HSSE 3 (I did download it but didn’t touch it so far) and/or downloaded and installed the Orchestra Library in the Dorico 2 section of the Download Assistant.

Additionally, if I now start Dorico 1 and look at the HSSE settings in Play mode it says that I have HSSE 3.

So, this is a little confusing for me. Does HSSE 3 come with the Dorico 2 application installer? If yes, why would I need to download it separately again? And if not, why would I have HSSE 3 if I deleted it and all its components earlier? Did I not get rid of it? And likewise regarding the Orchestra Library: is this required or just a nice-to-have? Six gigabytes of data isn’t quite a minor download.

Sorry for the lenghty post. If I didn’t explain myself clearly enough please let me know.

HSSE3 is not installed by the Dorico application installer, but it is a shared component and actually lives in a slightly surprising place, so it’s quite possible that AppCleaner didn’t remove it.

I would recommend you run the ‘Dorico Playback 1 – HALion Sonic SE 3’ installer from SDA, as that will install HSSE3 and the basic HSSE sound set. However, if you really don’t want to use the HSO sounds, then you don’t have to download and install ‘Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library’.

To stop Dorico trying to use the HSO sounds, go to Preferences, scroll down to the Playback section, and set ‘Default playback template’ to ‘HSSE (Elements)’.

Thanks, Daniel, your continuous support is much appreciated.

So, the fact that I’m hearing something even with the “HSSE+HSO (Pro)” playback template selected seems to indicate that I had downloaded the Orchestra Library with Dorico 1 at the time, and that is also used by Dorico 2, is that right? (I can’t remember anymore) Are there any substantial changes in the Orchestra Library for Dorico 2 that would justify redownloading it? 6GB is quite a strain on the network.
And where is that library stored, just out of curiosity?

You don’t need to download it again: it is unchanged from Dorico 1, and provided you haven’t gone rooting around trying to remove it since you installed Dorico 1, it will still be installed.

The content is found in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/HALion/Content.

FWIW, programs that claim to “clean” or otherwise maintain your Mac: at best, they are unnecessary and at worst they can cause more problems than they claim to fix.
Most apps that need an uninstaller come with one (or have instructions on their support pages. Otherwise, just delete the app.

Thanks. I find, this (the whole “what’s necessary and what’s optional” thing) could be communicated a little better.

These programs usually show you which files are going to be deleted, so you have full control over it. And by just deleting the application it leaves all the redundant files in system directories which I can’t stand. Mac programs used to be self-contained so that didn’t use to be a problem but modern applications do add a lot of stuff elswhere on your system, and that they don’t come with an uninstaller is more a laziness out of tradition than anything else.