Dorico still won't change the oil in my car :)

Unbelievable update, Dorico team!!! This program is certainly something special. There’s a certain constant appreciation I have as I work along in Dorico that I’ve rarely if ever felt in any other software program - the thought, care, detail, organization, and teamwork that goes into its development is unparalleled, and we’re seeing the results of such meticulous planning through the addition of these powerful capabilities.


Nice heading too. :slight_smile: You know, if we really wanted Dorico to take care of our cars, we should lobby it and the developers would find a way for sure. Probably one that would kick all the local repair shops out of bussiness.

Seriously, hats off!
In addition to the big things: overall performance seems way better on my system, it runs really smooth now, thanks! Thanks for making the Engraving Options dialog appear instantly! Thanks for making the caret come along when we lengthen notes!

Dorico seems to fix A flat though.

Navigating the interface is also improved - I can now make A sharp turn.

Dorico 1.2 is an amazing update!!!

If I weren’t Presto for time I’d come up with other reasons Dorico drives me from Andante transportation.