Dorico stopped sending midi to Hauptwerk (one file)

A strange thing this morning – I’m writing organ music using Hautpwerk for playback and its VST link. For some reason this morning, the current work file is apparently not sending midi to Hauptwerk. The file appears to play, but there is no midi showing as received by Hauptwerk and no sound. If I switch the payback machine to HALion (or any other device), the file plays.

The significant point here is that if I select other Dorico organ files, they all play fine from Hauptwerk. All the usual checks in this file look fine – nothing muted in mixer.

I’m not aware of being able to disable midi send within one file. Does this behaviour ring any bells out there?

How odd. By any chance did you somehow accidentally change the midi ports? As in, HW is expecting channel 1 for the great and for some weird reason it says channel 8? If you want, you can try and share the score here and I can see if I can make it play.

No ports changed, so far as I can see!
That’s a kind offer – it would be interesting to know. Is there a private way to send a file?

Roderick, if you click onto a name - f.e. Romanos401 - you will be able to send a private message.

Trouble is, you can’t simply attach a file – at least I can’t here. It requests a hyperlink. I thought this issue had been resolved.

If you zip it up first, I believe it will let you share the file.

It works if you drag it into the text dialogue rather than using the attachment icon!

Also please check in the Mixer (F3) if you maybe by accident muted or soloed channels.

Thanks, but I did check – I should have said!