Dorico Support for Native Instruments Symphony Series?


has somebody already created an Expression Map and/or Playback Template to be able to use the Symphony Series orchestral instruments from Komplete 14 inside Dorico?

I know it would be an option to create that myself directly in Dorico 5.1, but it seems to be a lot of work. Surely somebody has already gone through that process and would be willing to share?



There is a post on the forum somewhere listing user-contributed XP maps. The problem with the NI Symphony series is that there are more expressions than keyswitch slots, so you need to customise according to your needs.

I guess you mean this thread: Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+ - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Unfortunately, NI symphony series is not mentioned.

Yes, NI symphony series only providing 8 slots for keyswitches would be a problem. Still, I would very much more like to adapt an existing XP map instead of starting from scratch. I have never created one, as I am very new to Dorico, so maybe I over-estimate the effort to create an expression map. But usually these things take longer, not shorter, that you would expect.

There is a Discover Dorico video by John Barron, which goes in-depth into making Expression Maps, Endpoints and Playback Templates, using BBCSO as an example, but the principle applies to anything. It’s well worth making a cup of tea and watching.

Good advice from Ben.

Here is one I made in 2019 for NI SS violins. Two things: 1) the date tells you I don’t use SS much if at all. 2) You’ll notice that some entries use cc1 and cc11 to control volume & intensity and others don’t. That is me learning about making XP maps, figuring out what works and what doesn’t
Kontakt SS (1.3 KB)

Thanks for providing your work. I will definitely use it as a starting point for using NI Symphony Series in Dorico.