Dorico to Dorico Transfer

Hello Doricans,

I input a piece directly into Dorico, managed the engraving to where I liked it, and then, when I imported the flows into another document (songs going into a large songbook) the engraving was not the same. Any thoughts on this?

Can you be more specific - was it the engraving of the original piece that changed, or the engraving of the flows you were importing?

Actually wait I think you have answered that sorry - when you import a flow, it conforms to the engraving rules of the layout it’s being imported into - it’s the same if you for e.g make another layout in the initial file and include the same flow - it won’t look the same as the initial layout save all of the items you’ve placed in write mode, unless you “propagate properties” across the parts. Of course you can’t do this when you import into another file as those properties don’t exist…

Properties that were set Globally in the original project should be retained.

You can do this prior to changing properties by changing the scope or after changing properties by propagating them.