Dorico to Finale

I have a big Dorico project which needs splitting and xml exporting to Finale (unfortunately…).
Any tips to ease the transfer or any thing to watch out for?

Unfortunately you’ll not have a great deal of luck, given how rudimentary Dorico’s MusicXML export is. I almost wonder whether you’d be better off using scanning software than trying to use MusicXML. (We know this isn’t really good enough and work is underway to enrich Dorico’s MusicXML output; a few improvements will make it into the forthcoming Dorico 3.1 release, but there will be more to come in the major release to follow.)

Dear Daniel,
Excuse-me for asking this, but you know it’s a feature I’ve been looking for… When you talk about major release, are you talking about 3.2, or 4 ? I was expecting XML export for the end of the year, I would understand that it’s postponed to the spring, due to Catalina and all the mess it has produced… Thanks, and merry christmas !

Thanks for the heads up Daniel. Midi will probably be better for this then.

I can’t talk specifics about what the next release following Dorico 3.1 will be, except to say that we don’t plan any further releases in the 3.0x cycle after 3.1. We did originally plan to tackle MusicXML export in Dorico 3.1, but unfortunately we cannot always achieve everything that we plan, which is why I should in general be even more reticent than I already am about sharing our plans with users, since this can then lead to disappointment when plans have to change. As I say, some modest but important MusicXML export improvements are expected to arrive in Dorico 3.1, but further, more significant improvement is planned for the next major release. Please be aware that plans can and do change in response to factors large and small, so don’t hold it against me if plans have to change again.

It’s useful info, Daniel. I’m sure the ‘modest’ improvements are worth waiting for with this job.