Dorico tremolo

I have a question
When there is a long note with a roll or tremolo on a timpani, and a ritardando is applied and it gradually gets slower, the fineness of the repeated notes also slows down, but how can I make it play without changing the fineness of the sound even if the tempo changes? Is there a way?

IIRC Daniel & Co. are aware of this difficulty.

Hi @adagio4evergreen I don’t know it this helps, but check these settings in Playback options:

Which library do you use? For example if you use Note Performer, if you check this option in the Overrides in the NP expression map, Dorico plays the tremolo with constant speed during tempo changes:

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Thank you for the useful information. I am using noteperformer, so it seems to work well with changing the expression map. I would appreciate your help again if I have any problems.