Dorico trial installer using IE 11 win 7 SP1

Hi just downloaded Dorico Trial Installer/assistant win

Odd file type not seen before
do I use Open [right click win7] to launch it?

see attached properties pix

no file type [zip /exe]



I’m not sure what’s going on there. I suspect something a little peculiar with regard to the way your browser has named the downloaded file. I imagine that simply adding .exe to the end of the downloaded installer will allow you to run it with no problems.

G’day neither do I very odd…never had that happen before
I did normal save as routine.

I suspect the [1] at end might? be doing something
anyway I added .exe and it looks more sensible.

I don’t want to run it yet as need clear time to do the big download.

thanks for getting back to me on this one.


looking into this win 7 looks like the [1] is upsetting I.E11 - removing the [1] lets IE display the exe
but on downloading the file after assembling comes as file name~~~ [1] on end and no filetype.

I will investigate using FF as IE is my default browser.


Extracting the D/l from email and plugging into FF [latest] gives see attached pix

so it looks as if IE Ii is not handling the file name as well as FF - still suspect the [1]

at end of filename string as I don’t normally have problems with filenames/filetype
in IE.

the downloaded file was properly named- same as attached pix.


FF download :
dorico trial in FF.jpg

The added (1) on a download in Windows 7 usually means a duplicate; in other words, one has downloaded the same file twice.

Agreed, take a look in your Downloads directory, or where the file is, and you probably will see another copy of that file w/o the [1].

As far as the missing .exe file extension, you might have file extension turned off for common file types, not sure if this option is hidden somewhere different in Win 10, but in Win 7, its Control Panel/Folder Options, and under the View tab, there is an option “Hide extensions for known file types”; selecting this will help you identify files easier.


Where did you get this trial?

Users who signed up for information about Dorico since the announcement in May and up until the release in October but who have not yet purchased Dorico received an email yesterday inviting them to download the trial early. The trial will be available for download for everybody else from some point today.


thanks Daniel for that info I wasn’t aware of that.
recapping if you all read the original email

This name[1]. file seen in win IE 11 was the original download.
subsequent downloading into different folders gave exactly the same problem-
odd file name and no .exe on end of file.[NB my PC shows complete file names /extensions exe jpg etc etc].

I am aware that copies add a [1] to file name if downloaded but this was def. NOT the case.

Subsequently copying the long url and using FF latest version the files name displayed on the downloading thing
made a sensible file with no [1] and .exe tacked on the end.

Something is odd about the way IE is handling this part. file download and it may be the [1] or something in the file name that’s causing the renaming of the downloaded file which doing IE finishes as name[1] with no exe on the end.

Changing the file name amnually by renaming and adding exe made it instantly recognisable by win7 system as a normal exe file complete with a nice little icon… : )

Nothing whatever to do with downloading twice into same folder/dir…

I could replicate this procedure using IE with another site which had a url to download a file and doing this in IE
doing exactly the same procedure as previously shows up as a normal file name [name.exe] with normal d/l and downloaded file had same name [name.exe] as seen in download box.

So the problem seems to be with the Avid folder where the installer is located or something odd with the file name [Linux??] or something else that I know not off. Suggest its either the [1] or some funny with the file name of the file that is on the server or something in the url. not being able to access the folder I cant see what the file actually is in that Avid folder.

Daniel any chance of looking at that file?

Thanks for all your suggestions and interest.

I just posted this in case anyone else ran into this problem and was nonplussed as I was
getting a file downloaded that appeared to be not what was expected as a zip or exe.

thanks for your interest.