Dorico trills


I have dorico 3.5 and use cinematic solo studio strings. All the articulations changes work mostly well except trills. I’m running into problems a lot.

Because of how the sample library work I have two choices

  1. I have to be able to program a simultaneous note a whole step higher or a half step wich would be triggering the trill sample. Which would be great but I don’t know how to do that.

  2. The best would be to be able to trigger a sample like marcatto but also have the generated notes. I tried this method and when I start my cursor at the exact point, the sample is already triggered but when I start it before, it won’t trigger.

I’m kind of lost here because all of the sample for all other ariculations work amazingly. This problem only occurs with the trills.

Maybe someone had the same problem. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could add another note in an unused voice of the appropriate pitch, hide its stem in Engrave mode, and then set it to be 1% scale using the Custom scale property, so that it does not appear in the score.

Thanks I actually did that and it solved the biggest part of my problem.

there are three ways of doing this (plus any others I may not have come across). The first is something along Daniel’s lines. It was the first I tried and often worked well but I had problems with a number getting a decent layout – possibly my fault. You said it solved the biggest part of the problem though that suggests there is still something perhaps not ideally functioning?

No.2 is simply using a KSP Kontakt script such as the one from Alex Vincent which you can read about here CSS Control Panel - CSS/CSSS/CSB/CSW legato delay solution + other features (1.8, now with Winds!) | VI-CONTROL This allows single note trills. I don’t know of a way to detach this feature from other aspects of the script which is primarily aimed at implementing the correct delays for different articulations. It may work for you but I found some issues with sticking notes in fast passages and incorrect application at times of the two marcato patches.

No.3 is what I use currently. This to create an extra staff to notate the two notes of the trill which will then be used for playback. Procedure depends on whether you are using solo or section strings.

If solo do the following a) create trill as for other libraries using the correct interval in trill Properties and select the bar b) right click for context menus then staff–> add staff below. c) enter the two notes of the trill on the new staff in the same location as the original trill and finally d) go back to the context menu and select staff → remove staff. The trill notes on the hidden staff are retained and used for playback
If section then a) and b) as before but instead of “add staff below” , choose option “change divisi”. Click on the icon for “add section divisi” and choose 2 under divisions. c) exactly as above d) after doing that you will see a new “divisi” signpost. Simply delete it. The staff will disappear but again the contents are retained.

This all sounds complicated but in fact can be done in a few seconds once familiar. The two methods of “add staff” and “change divisi” are documented in the Help. If it doesn’t work as excepted ensure you have the correct trill interval, ensure that the enharmonic spelling is the same (for the trilled from note) and to be sure, add an “ord/nat” beforehand in case there is another active playback technique needing to be cancelled.

I’m sorry for the long delay and thank you for the complete and kind response.

The problem was not 100% corrected because even if I make the scale small so I dont see the note, in some case the stem of the notes will be not correct. It was really a workaround

I used your solution No3. It works wonderfully and more important than anything IMO, it’s fast.

Thank you so much again :slight_smile:

I’m glad no.3 works for you – I’m using it all the time in my current CS project and it soon becomes routine once you’re used to it.