Dorico unexpectedly quit while working in another application

I, as of last Sunday and because I’ve been having similar problems, chose to reformat my whole computer hard drive, installing fresh all my programs.
One of the issues I’ve experienced has been Dorico Pro 5 unexpectedly quitting on me.
Today I had Dorico open with an empty project and FileMaker Pro, working on a Data Base to help me keep track of the playing & playback techs I create vs. what the program has already.
As I was inputting text into the FMP Dbase, Dorico unexpectedly quit. So I’m putting the Diagnostic Report I created after reopening Dorico.
Maybe with the “clean slate” environment I’m working with now, the report might shed some light on why the program quit.
In any case, hope this helps.
Dorico (324.7 KB)

Does it crash with all projects or just a select few (including a new one as you’ve mentioned)? Does it crash if you have no project open?

Don’t know for either situation. I’ve been working mostly with one project for the last two months and now it was an empty project I opened to have access to the playing & playback techniques of the program.

Probably best to start a new thread, as two separate conversations about different issues might get confusing.
It looks like you were in the middle of drawing a slur when the crash happened. You’re also missing the Olympus Micro library.

Did you restore your old user settings, libraries and preferences? TBH, I would just test removing those – the installation itself is likely to be fine.

Indeed, Dorico crashed when attempting to create a slur. If you’re able to reproduce the problem, please let us know what steps to follow. There are no known problems in this area, so there must be some peculiar edge case that we’ve not seen before.

Hmm… interesting because I was not drawing anything at the time. The empty project was just open; I was writing text on a different program. I was also just using the Dorico project as a reference for its playing and playback techniques.

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