Dorico update 1.1.10: Are these pedal symbols correct?

There are some pedal symbols I don’t remember seeing before in the right hand panel. Are they displayed correct? They look worng somehow… Plus they appear above the staff I had selected, not below as expected:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 18.44.17.png

The symbols in the top two rows are for piano pedalling, including half-pedalling etc for modern compositions which notate this explicitly.

The symbols lower down, and in your second attachment, are for organ pedalling, to show which foot to use and whether to use the heel or toe - and also for changes between the feet etc without re-playing the note, for legato pedal passages. The positioning is correct if you use them as they are meant to be used.

Of course JS Bach had a more intelligent way to approach this - almost all his “show-off” organ pedal solos have notes that can be played by alternating the left and right feet on successive notes! But then he was a practical musician, not someone who wrote whatever they liked but didn’t bother about whether humans could play it!